SketchUp importer on steroids

Convert various 3D formats to SketchUp files, with powerful features such as automated render-ready materials and proxiesgeometry simplification, as well as essential options like scalingunit conversionaxes/origin transformations and much more.

Automated render-ready materials

Automatically convert render-ready materials or tweak them with just a few clicks.

Transmutr extracts as much data as possible from the source file to automatically create render-ready materials. This saves you from tedious manual work to recreate materials that were already made in the source software (3dsmax, etc).
Of course, you can easily edit and tweak the materials by adding maps or adjusting the main values.
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Automated proxies

With a single click, Transmutr can generate proxies for V-Ray, Thea and Enscape.

For the placeholder, you can choose between various options, like Bounding Box, Face Skipping, Simplified Geometry, Billboard, etc.

Geometry simplification

Simplify high-poly objects with millions of faces down to a few thousands or hundreds.

As SketchUp cannot handle very high-poly objects, Transmutr can drastically reduce the number of faces, while preserving the overall shape of the original object.
You can fine-tune the simplification level to get exactly the result you want.

Direct link with Quixel Megascans Bridge

With a couple of clicks, you can send Megascans assets from Quixel Bridge to SketchUp.

Transmutr will make sure everything is converted correctly, you will get all the materials settings set up in the Megascans asset, down to the perfect amount of reflection or displacement.

Adjust units, scale and axes

Scale the model, adjust the origin or change the Up Axis with just a couple clicks.

Clean model hierarchy

Transmutr keeps the model hierarchy, while simplifying it to avoid redundent nesting.

Transmutr supports instancing, and will generate components in this case. Otherwise, it will generate groups.

All render engines can benefit from Transmutr!

Transmutr generates render-ready materials and proxies for V-Ray, Thea and Enscape. But if you use another render engine, you can still take advantage of Transmutr's clean files, geometry simplification, direct link with Megascans, etc!

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As of today, Transmutr can import FBX, OBJ, 3DS, and DAE. We plan to add new formats in upcoming releases.
For each license of Transmutr Artist, you can install it on no more than two computers, provided that it is used on only one computer at a time. For instance you can install it on both your desktop workstation and your laptop. Contact us for Transmutr Studio licenses that can be installed on a larger number of machines.
No, you need a Transmutr Studio license to be allowed to sell the files generated by Transmutr. Including but not limited to: *.skp files, *.vrmesh files and *.mesh.thea files.
Why, you ask? Because we feel it's fair that if you are a content creator for whom Transmutr is an actual production tool, you pay extra compared to a 3D artist who uses Transmutr just to add a few objects to a render, for example.
Separating these two types of licenses allows us to offer an inexpensive Artist License.
Transmutr generates SketchUp 8 files. So they can be opened in all SketchUp versions up to 2019.
Not yet, but we plan to do it in the future.
Transmutr creates files for:
  • V-Ray 3.60.03+
  • Thea 2.0+
  • Enscape 2.4+
Software :
  • Windows 7/8/10 64bits
Recommended hardware :
  • Quad-core 3+ Ghz processor
  • 8+ GB RAM